Uptown special

Photo courtesy of Bek Hamed

Greetings from Melbourne! Today, a small rant, if you will. In this age of digital music, where everything is accessible and you can download a song for mere dollars and cents, there’s a disturbing trend towards picking out individual catchy … Continue reading

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you can do anything you want, but you can’t do everything you want


I went to see a couple of shows for the Capital Jazz Project recently: a wonderful coincidence of scheduling that saw 10 days of great jazz over a long weekend that I happened to be around for, as I often am … Continue reading

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paella party


Another year, another birthday. In what seems to be a tradition now, the ‘off-year’ celebrations, the ones that aren’t milestones as such – 24, 27, 31 – are my favourites, the ones that perfectly capture points in time when it … Continue reading

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puzzle pieces

It’s Autumn again. My favourite season. A somewhat melancholy one, with the sun taking longer to get out of bed in the morning, slowly sliding into its winter ways. The weather seems to know the first of March has come … Continue reading

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Concepts of home

bathroom tile

A couple of months ago I crossed a line. I fell in love with an apartment. I made an offer; it was accepted. A few hundred signatures and a hideously large sum of money later, it was mine. That wasn’t … Continue reading

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The festival conundrum


Music festivals are a test of faith for someone like me. You already know how I feel about camping; about turning round and round in my sleeping bag all night, trussing myself up further like a human chicken roll. Composting … Continue reading

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First step out into the world


Hello friends, Merry Christmas and all that. I hope the holiday break finds you chilled out with a cool drink (or rugged up with a warm drink, depending on where in the world you are), with nothing more troubling on … Continue reading

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A frenetic start. Early morning rounds to collect the troops, get petrol, pack the car full of pillows, beach towels, wine and any other paraphernalia we might possibly need for the next 36 hours. Merry chatter, sunshine and car tunes … Continue reading

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Ground zero

red hedge

Hello out there. It’s been a while. Almost two months in fact. My bad. I’ve been reconnecting with friends, getting used to running without feeling like I’m having a heart attack, buying ridiculous amounts of fresh food at the markets … Continue reading

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All good things must come to an end…

valparaiso 1

Here we are, so soon, on the last day of my South American adventure. The last few months have been fantastic – I’ve seen some spectacular scenery, tasted great food, met so many friendly people and gotten to know a … Continue reading

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